This week’s “Luxury Real Estate Top Voices” tells us how Vincenzo Papurello and Luisa Cristina have been successfully running Stresa Luxury Real Estate, a real estate agency specialising in the sale of luxury properties, for more than 30 years and how they have become the point of reference for international clients who choose to buy a luxury property on the lake.

Name: Francesco Papurello

Title: Broker, Owner

Experience: since 1991

Location: Stresa – Lake Maggiore – Italy

Company Name: Stresa Luxury Real Estate

Team Size: 4

Transaction Side: 2

1) Talk to us about your early days in real estate: How did you get your start in Luxury real estate?

I started working in luxury real estate in Stresa on Lake Maggiore in 1991, after a two-year experience in Milan where I was in charge of property management for real estate funds and insurance companies. Let’s say that it was quite natural for me to deal with period villas, given the large number of properties of this type in the area and my flair for certain types of architecture.

2) Tell us something more about your passions and lifestyle.

Ever since I moved to Lake Maggiore, my motto has always been: ‘Here I work, but I am also on holiday‘, which is still true today. Life here on Lake Maggiore flows peacefully, enjoying the beauty of the places, enjoying a lunch or dinner overlooking the lake. What I call ‘lake Maggiore life style‘. I love walking with my wife on the paths that connect the various villages, from which there are wonderful views. In the summer season a boat trip is always much appreciated. And finally, I love looking after my olive grove, which always gives me peace and relaxation.

3) What was your first sale ever? And the most important (your breakthrough sale)?

My first sale on Lake Maggiore was in 1989 when I was still living in Milan. I remember being excited, I was struck by the owners’ motivation for selling. They said they were selling because their children were no longer using it and the villa, had become too big for them. I still find this motivation in the sales decisions today. The most important sale took place a few years later. The villa belonged to an important family of business people in Milan. It was one of the most important villas on Lake Maggiore, both in size and beauty.

4) Knowing that you are a top voice in Luxury real estate what do you consider to be a new tendency that is influencing your market ?

Today, customers look for quality, both in terms of location and property type. The most sought-after qualities are privacy, panoramic views and proximity to services. For buyers from the East or Asia, the property must be perfect, equipped with every technology and ready to live in. Others, like to customise their home, so even a property in need of renovation can be attractive.

5) What’s the current state of the market in your area? What is your top prediction for 2023 ?

As of 1 April, we see that although it is a low season, there is no shortage of requests from foreign customers. We believe that the outlook can be positive, at least as good as 2022. We must consider that Lake Maggiore still has attractive prices compared to other locations, with ample room for growth.

6) 3 things that differentiate you and your company ?

The human relationship is the most important feature for us. It sounds like a banality, but knowing how to listen and interpret the customer’s needs is fundamental for our entire team. This allows us to offer a better service. New technologies, we are always at the forefront to offer our customers the highest quality. Constant presence at the various steps in the sales process, and finally reliability, availability and transparency.

7) What is the profile of the luxury buyers in your market and from where do they come from ?

A large part of our customers come from abroad, particularly from Europe, the United States and a few countries in Asia. Thanks to our participation in some worldwide networks such as Luxury Portfolio, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Mayfair International, we reach customers in the various countries. The typical client in our area is between 40 and 70 years old, they are usually professionals, industrialists or retired people who move their residence.

8) What is your top tip for freshly licensed agents ?

I can suggest some advice from my own experience: great commitment, perseverance, great seriousness and professionalism. Never give up. These are still my mantras today.

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