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“Developing a luxury attitude” training course is coming

221 Luxury Network and Training Luxury are proud to propose the well-known “Developing a luxury attitude” training course.

“TRAINING LUXURY” is an international company with a group of specialists in leadership and luxury training, recruiting and coaching with a focus in luxury, fashion and consumer goods. “Training Luxury” aims at preparing people to excel in person-to-person business relationships and to improve team cooperation.

The program will be developed in 6 different online workshops, from September 29th to December 9th:


A very special program

Training Luxury has been present in the luxury business for 25 years, with more than 17.000 professionals trained in over 40 countries, featuring an unsurpassed portfolio working with companies like Dolce & Gabbana, Zegna, Valentino, Macallan, Canali, Monnalisa, etc…

The programs are practical and yet, they have a solid research background from Neuroscience to neuro-marketing, from participative management to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Topics and activities are designed to fit each situation and need. This allows people to practice real-life situations, in a safe and “protected” environment. That is why every single course is created custom made, with no static, “ready made” product.

Training Luxury facilitates the learning process by using inductive techniques, encouraging participants to discover their own solutions. Then, this is taken a step further where participants learn from each other by sharing their experiences.

Huge benefits for the participants

The course will focus on positive outcome, so that the participants can compare their improvement for themselves by top level specialized trainers.

What are the benefits for the participants?

  • Immediate applicability of the learning in the workplace
  • Measurable increase of sales turnover, people engagement and talent retention
  • Innovative content and background investigations with practical implementation in the training
  • Creation of total training “package” from the research, to the “tailor-made” program to follow, measurement and gap closing
  • Training to be delivered in most of the major languages

Exclusive contents

Let’s see the main contents of each module.

Discovering the luxury universe:

  • Discovering how luxury has evolved and what are the differences today with the traditional concepts of luxury. How luxury concept has changed for different generations and how luxury means different things to different countries.
  • Identify the benefits of luxury for different types of consumers. Not every consumer buys luxury for the same goal. Personalizing the service based on the client expected emotional or rational needs is one of the key goals of selling luxury.
  • Identify the key ingredients of luxury values and what can be defined as ‘pure luxury’

Understanding the luxury consumer:

  • Why people buy luxury products or service? Luxury products and services attract customers beyond the functional element. If the price is so high, why people buy them?
  • Identify the nature and drivers of luxury consumers. Not all the luxury customers are the same. They have different behaviours, drivers and objectives. They all move in the same areas, but with different goals. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn how to properly engaging them to have a productive interaction.

Elevating the luxury experience:

  • We often hear the word ‘experience’. However, what does it really mean to have a ‘luxury experience’. We’ll find out what are the key ingredients and the different dimensions to explore when defining a luxury experience.
  • Even if the selling process in luxury might sound similar to other sectors, the details that define the approach are extremely different. The emotional aspect of luxury has often a predominant role and we’ll explore how to make it tangible in real life situations. We’ll help the participants to identify the different steps in a client journey and what the expectations and mindset of who sells and who buys luxury could be completely different.

Closing the deal:

  • Generating positive and luxury experiences depends upon how able are we to stimulate the dream. Luxury is all about the emotional experience and evocative language and storytelling play a key role in seducing the customer and elevating the aesthetic element of the experience.
  • In this module we’ll turn features into benefits for the client underlining the value proposition.

Segmenting your luxury portfolio:

  • What is networking? Is networking all about serendipity or we can do something proactively to use it in a more strategic way?
  • The mindset of a powerful networker and the key elements of strategic networking

Emotional intelligence in luxury:

  • What is emotional intelligence and why is it so crucial to use it properly in the luxury environment to go above and beyond the customer’s expectations? The pillars of emotional intelligence and the role of empathy in professional interactions. Understand the importance of stepping into the customer’s environment perceiving the events from their point of view to generate a positive influence.
  • We’ll identify the benefits of effective communication to generate positive emotions and of your emotional appearance – the words you say and actions you take. Body Language, vocal tones, and personal habits can enhance or detract from your overall professional presence.

Increase your sales turnover, people engagement and talent retention in the luxury world: STEP TO THIS PAGE AND BOOK YOUR COURSE, place are limited!

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Seafront luxury villa in Castiglioncello, Tuscany - Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Forte dei Marmi

Luxury seaside destinations: from Versilia to the French Riviera

There is no crisis or pandemic that hinder the housing market above a million euros. In fact, in this post-pandemic scenario the luxury real estate market has been marking a recovery confirming Italy as one of the most sought-after luxury destinations with buyers coming especially from the US and northern Europe. A trend that has been consolidating in the last quarter, with a figure that is almost triple compared to 2020.

The big city – tourist destination combo arouses great interest among buyers from UK, Mexico, US, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden. Together with Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Naples, the most popular seaside locations are Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Capri and Taormina. Nevertheless, the most sought-after are in Tuscany and Liguria.


Forte dei Marmi

At the top of the list of seaside resorts with the most expensive houses, we find the name of Forte dei Marmi, where Viale Italico in the prestigious “Roma Imperiale” occupies the fourth position in the ranking of the most expensive streets in Italy with an average of 2,880,000 euros.

Via Gabriele D’Annunzio, a few meters from the beach, also offers villas for those who demand exclusivity, comfort, privacy and security. The prestigious Villa “Orchidea”, with a surface of 570 square meters, is a true oasis of peace and tranquility. Immersed in a luxuriant garden of about 2,800 square meters, the property is equipped with a mosaic swimming pool embellished with hydromassage. The interiors are characterized by a majestic marble fireplace, bathrooms in precious onyx and design finishes. The master bedroom on the first floor offers a panoramic view of the Apuan Alps, while the basement area, accessible via the staircase or the elevator, features an aquarium, a modern design bar with wine cellars and a home theater.



Foreign investors from all over the world keep increasing in Liguria as well. They are mostly English, Swiss, French, Austrians and Germans, attracted by a pearl of rare beauty such as Portofino: made famous by the marina with its houses overlooking the sea and by the promontory of incomparable splendor.

Framed by the characteristic promontory of Portofino, this 17th century estate, originally built as a farm for the production of oils and wines, offers a very bright apartment on two living floors, decorated with typical finishes of the time. The property includes a cellar, a 4000 square meters olive grove and a series of sea views that make this property simply unique.



As for the French Riviera, the luxury real estate market remains predominant domestic market. In 2020, 1.3% of second homes were bought by people not resident in France: a figure that is decreasing if compared to 1.7% of 2010. This trend appears to continue in the same direction throughout 2022.

Price growth has been largely static on the entire Côte d’Azur in the last two years. The real estate market in this area turned out to be mainly domestic, due to the pandemic, Brexit and the war between Russia and Ukraine. In fact, most of the buyers are French and Monegasque looking for second larger homes with a contemporary design. In 2020, only 1.3% of second homes were bought by people not resident in France: a figure that is decreasing if compared to 1.7% of 2010 and appears to go in the same direction throughout 2022. This the trend is recorded not only in Saint-Tropez and its surrounding areas, but in Super Cannes and Cannes La Californie as well.

Just 5 minutes from La Croisette and the center of Cannes, this historic luxury property is a rare gem on the French Riviera, to say the least. The three-year renovation work has restored it to its former glory, while responding to the needs and expectations of a modern lifestyle: a discotheque, a cinema and a heated swimming pool are only some of the incredible amenities. Among the other hallmarks, we can find 52 Carrara marble columns creating an oval portico where a lush Wisteria intertwines. The whole, made even more special by the panoramic view of the adjacent Super Cannes hills and the sea below.


Other venues

However, it must be said that foreigners are not only fascinated by hills overlooking the sea, ancient towers and historic estates: Courmayeur, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore are confirmed as the most coveted destinations for celebs and HNWI.

In any case, those intending to buy a prestigious home in Italy generally search for the well-known “Italian taste” as a guarantee of fine quality, authenticity and a sense of style internationally praised.

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