This week’s “ Top Voices in Luxury Real Estate” tells us how Jaime Valcarce has been successfully running Jaime Valcarce Consulting Inmobiliario, a real estate agency specialised in luxury real estate, for more than 17 years. How he has become the point of reference for international clients who choose to buy a luxury property in Madrid, Spain.

Name: Jaime Valcarce

Title: CEO

Experience: since 2005

Location: Madrid

Company Name: Jaime Valcarce Consulting Inmobiliario S.L.

Team Size: 10

1) Talk to us about your early days in real estate: How did you get your start in Luxury real estate?

I started in the real estate world in 2005, when I was only 21 years old, selling in the best areas of Madrid. I have learned this business from a very young age, now I am 40 years old and have a lot of experience behind me.

2) Tell us something more about your passions and lifestyle.

My passion are houses and the automotive world. I dedicate myself professionally in to Real Estate World, which is a pleasure. And I enjoy the automotive world in my spare time, I am a PetrolHead

3) What was your first sale ever? And the most important (your breakthrough sale)?

My first sale was an apartment in Puerta de Hierro for €850,000, when I started in the real estate world at the age of 21 and the most important sale I’ve made was €11,000,000. In my company we make many sales a year between €2,000,000 and €6,000,000

4) Knowing that you are a top voice in Luxury real estate what do you consider to be a new tendency that is influencing your market ?

Gated areas and houses with a good energy rating, efficient with the environment.

5) What’s the current state of the market in your area? What is your top prediction for 2023 ?

Buyers are demanding good homes, for this reason the new construction home is going to sell better than the second hand.

6) 3 things that differentiate you and your company ?

  1. We offer buyers a personalized service, understanding their needs very well
  2. We offer sellers a totally ad hoc marketing of the property being sold, to directly impact potential buyers. In such expensive homes, it is important to be careful about this
  3. We provide service to the end, we make everything easy for the buyer and the seller. It is a 5 star service.

7) What is the profile of the luxury buyers in your market and from where do they come from ?

Entrepreneurs, 50% of our buyers are Spanish and the other 50% are foreigners. The foreigners come from Europe, Central America and South America, Miami and the United Arab Emirates, mainly.

8) What is your top tip for freshly licensed agents ?

Perseverance at work and listening to the client above all else. Listening is essential in this business.

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