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Top Voices in Luxury Real Estate @ Chrysol Value Real Estate, Barcelona, Spain

Top Voices in Luxury Real Estate @ Chrysol Value Real Estate, Barcelona, Spain

This week the Top Voices in Luxury Real Estate shines on Chrysol Value Real Estate. Find out how she developed one of the most successful luxury real estate agencies in Barcelona, Spain

Name: Christina Nueno

Title: Broker, Owner

Experience: + 20 years

Location: Barcelona

Company Name: Chrysol Value Real Estate

Team Size: 5

1) Talk to us about your early days in real estate: How did you get your start in Luxury real estate?

Chrysol Value was founded in 2016 after a long experience in Real Estate.
I came to Barcelona from La Rioja and Madrid in 2001. Before that, I worked as Director of a dried food and snacks company “Aspil” owned by Borges Group and at Continente/Carrefour (Promodes Group) purchase central.
When arriving in Barcelona after having my first baby, I met some influencing business people in order to assess me to reorient my career. That was when I met Luis Hernandez de Cabanyes CEO an owner of Renta Corporacion. After talking for a while, he convinced me to join his group. Renta was at that moment, a young real estate company, he wanted to grow and sure he did. I entered as Manager of a new division: Operations and Office. When I started there, we were 15 employees. We grew until being 140, we went public and I learnt a lot working there. We lived very good years and also very bad ones, the sad years of the crisis. In 2010 we reach an agreement and I left the company, at that moment I was the International, office and Land manager and member of the Management Committee but there was no much room from the banks to work so I decided to leave before the bankruptcy hit the company.
After that experience I went to work for Mango (Textile leading company) as Expansion Manager, a tough work travelling 4 days a week every week.
By that time, I had two children so one day I decided to quit because I hardly did not see them and even though what they say reconciling was almost impossible.
I remember it was July and my children where at Maine in a summer campus, I decided to go one month to Boston my birth city to think about my future.
And there walking by The Charles River is when Chrysol was borne.

2) Why Chrysol ?

In a melting pot (“crisol” in Spanish) are often mixed metals at high temperature to obtain a unique solution.
CHRYSOL VALUE REAL ESTATE, was created as an analogy to this idea to respond to the needs in the different areas of the real estate sector in order to maximize the value of the assets.
Our philosophy is to provide an efficient and customized service providing value and confidence. We work with effort in the search and acquisition of properties to meet the needs of our clients.

3) What was your first sale ever? And the most important (your breakthrough sale)?

I started selling luxury properties at Renta Corporacion, so I have had experience on this field for 20 years. We have sold many houses in Pedralbes, Tres Torres, Galvany and Paseo de Gracia.
The luxury residential market in Barcelona is discreet so we do not publish or talk about our major sales, but I can say that during my career I have participated on the selling of astonishing penthouses, villas and buildings.

Chrysol is specialized in the upper area and neighbourhoods of Barcelona but also in other areas where you can find luxury and special properties, in Barcelona you never know where you are going to find a real estate jewel. Our “boutique shop” is a catalogued space. It was built in 1936 and is one of the lasts “emblematic” retails on Barcelona. We wanted a unique and cozy space with a touch of personality that provides us and our clients comfort such as being at home.

4) Tell us more about your powerful and professional female team

Today Chrysol team is formed by 5 women: Belen, Adriana, Barbara, Laura and myself. I think that women have higher emotional intelligence for the real estate market, they can see through the eyes of the client and understand their needs. Chrysol team is able to give a personal touch to the properties we sell. The purchasing of a house it is a very emotional one so is good to understand the needs and be able to give the client what he’s looking for.

5) 3 things that differentiate you and your company ?

What differences Chrysol of others is:
Knowledge: when you talk with a Chrysol agent you are talking with somebody experienced and professional not just commercial but legal, fiscal and all the areas surrounding the selling of a house.
Service: Chrysol is service oriented. Filling the needs of the client whether is a purchaser or a seller is our goal, we give a very customized service.
Efficiency: in Chrysol we know and love our work, we understand the market and the clients so we can meet the client expectations. We have a 5 star google reviews and we work very hard to achieve this goal.
Ethics: when you talk to Chrysol you know that you are talking to an experience, licensed agent and with a company that gives 1% of its turnover to social causes. We put values in front of everything. This year we are helping financing an immunotherapy treatment for breast cancer with the Clinic Hospital

6) What’s the current state of the market in your area ?

My agency stands out for the name of the company, well known in the sector, for the history we have behind us, and for the high professionalism and experience acquired over the years.
We are also particularly known for having carved out a respectable space for ourselves in the luxury properties market, and in any case important properties.
We pay extreme care and attention to the selection of the properties whose sale we negotiate, analyzing in advance all the relative documentation, because we want that when a negotiation is opened, there are no hitches due to problems with the property.
We therefore prefer to work hard and well before setting a property up for sale, for the peace of mind of the seller and the buyer, and above all so as not to have to work unnecessarily afterwards.
Foreigners are generally very selective in their choice of home, and before embarking on a journey to come to Italy, they want all possible information, such as photos, videos, floor plans, exact location, etc. However, when they come later to view a property, if they like the property and the agency has worked well, having previously provided truthful information, they buy immediately as soon as the visit is over.

7) What’s the current state of the market in your area ?

From my point of view Barcelona has a great potential for luxury market but some of the last politic decisions do not benefit it. It is a pity that the townhall does not work together with the real estate decision makers in order to find ways to both meet social benefits but also impulse the real estate market, which one can’t ignore is one of the leading engines of the economy of a country. Taxes are huge and there’s a very restrictive policy when restoring or building new houses. That’s why Luxury market is growing in other parts of the country whilst it is more stagnant in Barcelona.

The luxury Barcelona market is divided between local and international clients, we must offer them not just quality but services. In Barcelona there’s not much room for new developments so most of them come from restoring of old ones. It is important to know the different areas, prices in order to asses both owners and clients.

From my point of view Barcelona has a great potential for luxury market but some of the last politic decisions do not benefit it. It is a pity that the townhall does not work together with the real estate decision makers in order to find ways to both meet social benefits but also impulse the real estate market, which one can’t ignore is one of the leading engines of the economy of a country.  Taxes are huge and there’s a very restrictive policy when restoring or building new houses. That’s why Luxury market is growing in other parts of the country whilst it is more stagnant in Barcelona.

The luxury Barcelona market is divided between local and international clients, we must offer them not just quality but services. In Barcelona there’s not much room for new developments so most of them come from restoring of old ones. It is important to know the different areas, prices in order to asses both owners and clients. Barcelona is a beautiful city with a magnificent weather, culture of thousands of years, open minded and great food. If you melt all these aspects in a “crisol” you sure want to live here and Chrysol will help you make this happen.

8) What is your top tip for freshly licensed agents ?

For new agents I will say that being and remaining in the market is like a marathon, you must keep working because if you sow you reap.
Some young agents come to the real estate market to make easy and quick money, they stay for a while and after some disappointments they quit. This profession is hard because you only make profit when you sell, and in order to do that you must work hard.

My father who is a very wise man taught me that you come to this world to add value, to make a contribution so it’s not all about making money. Being a real estate agent it’s not just a challenge but a way of connecting sellers and buyers in one of the most important decisions of their life, their home. So I will tell the new agents, make sure that your are selling homes not just houses and enjoy the path while doing it try to add your little grain of sand.

Know someone who should be featured in an upcoming Top Voices in Luxury Real Estate? Please, send me a request to

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Top Voices in Luxury Real Estate @ Paolo Del Chicca Immobiliare, Tuscany, Italy

Top Voices in Luxury Real Estate: @Paolo Del Chicca Immobiliare, Tuscany, Italy

This week the Top Voices in Luxury Real Estate shines on Paolo Del Chicca Immobiliare. Find out how he developed one of the most successful and longest-running luxury real estate agencies in Tuscany, Italy

Name: Paolo Del Chicca

Title: Real Estate Agent Since 1974

Experience: Luxury Properties

Location: Livorno And Western Tuscany

Company Name: Paolo Del Chicca Immobiliare

Team Size: 6

1) Talk to us about your early days in real estate: How did you get your start in Luxury real estate?

My agency, founded by my father in 1956, has always stood out for dealing above all with medium/high-level properties in the city area. I lived several years in Brazil between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where I frequented high society, and I was able to appreciate the sumptuous local houses. In these circles, speaking of my region of origin, I have always found strong appreciation for Tuscany and for the beautiful properties found there. This meant that on my return to Italy I decided to concentrate my agency business on prestigious properties, such as historic villas, beautiful farmhouses and farm/wine estates, of which our magnificent region is rich, and the success and the fame that I have earned over the years is the confirmation that my intuition had proved successful.

2) Tell us something more about your passions and lifestyle

One of my passions is sport, since I have always practiced activities such as tennis, squash, windsurfing, basketball, and I also deeply love the sea in all its forms.
I am also very passionate about travel, and over the years I have visited the most important cities in the world, always with an eye towards architectural beauties, culture, museums, and local history in
I have always liked to follow fashion in terms of clothing and accessories, and every season I never fail to renew my wardrobe, always giving a touch of personality and originality to what I wear.
In particular, I have an immoderate passion for shoes, watches and tie pins, of which I can boast a refined collection.
Finally, I am a passionate reader, both of novels and history books, and the curiosity that distinguishes me leads me to try to be constantly updated on everything.

3) What was your first sale ever? And the most important (your breakthrough sale) ?

My first sale was when I was very young. I accompanied a client from outside Livorno to see an uninhabited apartment in my city, of which I had the keys and which I had already seen internally anyway. When we got to the floor, strangely the keys didn’t open and therefore I was unable to show the house. Since the customer then had to leave and didn’t know when he could come back to visit it, but had an urgent need to buy, I described it to him in detail, personally guaranteeing that the description was faithful and truthful, and this customer trusted me to such an extent that he bought the house without seeing it!
The sale that has given me the most satisfaction is that of Marcello Mastroianni’s villa with descent to the sea in Castiglioncello, the renowned tourist resort south of Livorno.
In addition of course to the satisfaction of having sold this beautiful and prestigious property, I am particularly proud of how I conducted the negotiation. At one point, in fact, during the visit, the future buyer commented that there were also other villas for sale with access to the sea on the market, and that this one was a bit expensive.
I promptly replied that this was Marcello Mastroianni’s villa, not just any villa, and if he had bought it he could have boasted to friends and colleagues around the world of being the owner of Mastroianni’s villa, not to mention when he would receive them as guests in the villa… having said that, he bought the villa without further hesitations!

4) Knowing that you are a Top Voices in Luxury real estate what do you consider to be a new tendency that is influencing your market ?

In our market, the top trend is the purchase of a villa with access to the sea, an infinity pool
overlooking the sea and the park, or the purchase of an estate / farm, where you can produce wine
and oil with your own label.

5) What’s the current state of the market in your area? What is your top prediction for 2023 ?

The situation is not easy to understand, partly due to the war in Ukraine, partly due to the rise in mortgage rates and the rise in restructuring costs, and therefore making predictions is not easy.
However, there is still a high level of interest both nationally and from foreigners in luxury properties, to be purchased as holiday homes and future residences.

6) 3 things that differentiate you and your company ?

My agency stands out for the name of the company, well known in the sector, for the history we have behind us, and for the high professionalism and experience acquired over the years.
We are also particularly known for having carved out a respectable space for ourselves in the luxury properties market, and in any case important properties.
We pay extreme care and attention to the selection of the properties whose sale we negotiate, analyzing in advance all the relative documentation, because we want that when a negotiation is opened, there are no hitches due to problems with the property.
We therefore prefer to work hard and well before setting a property up for sale, for the peace of mind of the seller and the buyer, and above all so as not to have to work unnecessarily afterwards.
Foreigners are generally very selective in their choice of home, and before embarking on a journey to come to Italy, they want all possible information, such as photos, videos, floor plans, exact location, etc. However, when they come later to view a property, if they like the property and the agency has worked well, having previously provided truthful information, they buy immediately as soon as the visit is over.

7) What is the profile of the luxury buyers in your market and from where do they come from?

About 40% of our clients are foreigners, and generally they are families who intend to buy beautiful properties that are initially intended as a holiday home, but which in the future can also be used as a main residence.
In fact, we must not forget that our magnificent region, Tuscany, has everything one could wish for to live well: a mild climate, a splendid sea, with a coast with beaches and cliffs, rich in both fashionable places and reserved corners, wonderful islands, cities of art among the most famous in the world, medieval villages, a countryside that is a global icon, mountains for skiing, all enclosed in just 2 hours by car!

8) What is your top tip for freshly licensed agents ?

For a new agent, in addition to being serious, polite and personable, the best tip I can give is to take great care of public relations and devote himself as much as possible to acquiring new customers and especially properties to sell, because if you doesn’t have a beautiful and valid product, even with all the capabilities you can be equipped with, you would not sell anything.

Know someone who should be featured in an upcoming Top Voices in Luxury Real Estate? Please, send me a request to

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Monaco Yacht Show 2022: luxury facing the sea

Every year, at the end of September, the Hercule Port becomes the main venue of the spectacular boat show – Monaco Yacht Show (MYS).

From 28 September to 1 October 2022, the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) will once again welcome the world of international yachting to the Principality, offering a complete immersion in the exciting universe of yachts.

This prestigious international exhibition is entirely dedicated to yachting and is intended for prestigious clients and professionals in the luxury yacht market. The event usually features more than 125 unique luxury yachts built by the largest shipyards in the world, as well as 580 major yacht companies. More than 35,000 guests from all over the world come to the Monaco Yacht Show every year. This is the chicest way for billionaires to celebrate the end of summer. The largest, most recent and most innovative yachts will be presented in this new edition.

Since 1991 the show has enjoyed the recognition and support of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The most brilliant yacht show in Hercule Port

Since 2017, the Monaco Yacht Show has been taking place throughout Port Hercule, allowing more space for visitors between the historic exhibition area (Darse Sud, Parvis Piscine and various docks) and the new marquee at Quai Albert Ier, where it was created a special “superyacht lifestyle” space. Exhibitors and visitors alike will enjoy Starboard’s modern exhibition hall as well as a restaurant overlooking the harbor. For comfortable travel in the port, guests can use electric cars or boats. Furthermore, thanks to the official MYS app, you can determine the shortest route to the selected stand or yacht.

The organizers are redeveloping the Dockside Area, the Sailing Yacht Area and the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub, established last year, to be even more in line with their theme, and will move the sailing boat exhibit to Quai l’Hirondelle inside Porto Ercole side. The rest of the thematic zones will remain in place, so visitors won’t have to re-learn the geography of the exhibition, as happened after the large-scale makeover in 2018.

The organizers of the Monaco Yacht Show have announced the list of large sailing boats participating in the exhibition in 2022. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see sailing boats awarded with international prizes.

Port Hercule

Monaco Yacht Show 2022 Awards

VIP guests and representatives of the yachting community will be invited to the superyacht award ceremony at the Monaco Yacht Show together with exhibition partners, top players in the yachting sector and journalists. Renowned yacht journalists will choose the winners in the following categories:

  • MYS / Rina Award
  • MYS Interior design Award
  • MYS Award for exterior design
  • MYS Finest New Superyacht Award

More than 150 private and exclusive events

MYS annually hosts various press conferences, presentations, cocktail parties aboard yachts, as well as private events with the participation of the world elite, experts and representatives of the media.

The organizers remind you that the first day of the exhibition (28 September), like last year, will be closed to the public and only customers and guests invited by the participants will be able to access the exhibition.

221 Luxury for the world of superyachts

221 Luxury features an exceptional selection of Yachts for Sale on its platform.

All the main shipyards in the world are represented in the gallery of superyachts for sale on 221 Luxury Network. A unique opportunity to view, buy and sell superyachts all over the world, assisted by the impeccable professionalism of our team.

You will thus be able to find superyachts with a legendary and iconic history, new constructions, technological and more classic boats, super-fast yachts and others more suitable for cruising.

There are obviously motor boats and even sailing boats, for a truly total overview of the world of luxury boating. What are you waiting for?

154 ft Heesen 2012
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Luxury sport car market is evolving into direct-to-consumer: the 221 Luxury case

Influenced by their exposure to luxury-goods experiences in other retail environments, affluent consumers today seek special engagement and personalized experiences when shopping for luxury cars (McKinsey, Five trends shaping tomorrow’s luxury-car market, 2021).

Newer luxury Brands have identified customer experience as their main strategy to differentiate themselves against incumbents and have created a go-to-market approach that fully reflects the new customer groups: the new trend is evolving into direct-to-consumer strategy, where web platforms, such as 221 Luxury Network, play a crucial role.

Tips for Successfully Investing in the Luxury Car Industry

When it comes to investing in the luxury car industry, it’s important to have a long-term investment strategy in place. This means diversifying your investments so that you remain safe and protected should the market go against you. Additionally, stay up-to-date on financial news so that you can make informed decisions about what to invest in and when. Finally, be prepared for volatility by having a strong savings and spending plan in place.

Diversify Your Investments

It’s also important to diversify your holdings so that you don’t fall victim to any one company’s product or service. By doing this, you reduce your risk of losing money over time and gives you the ability to adapt and adjust your investment accordingly. Additionally, keep an eye out for new opportunities to invest in the luxury car industry.

Stay Up-to-Date on Financial News

If you want to stay up-to-date on financial news in the luxury car industry, it’s important to be well informed about current events and developments. By keeping track of key financial publications like Forbes or Barron’s (an influential business journal), you can learn about upcoming trends and how they might impact your investment portfolio. Additionally, online resources like Bloomberg Politics provide valuable coverage of both business and political events in the luxury car market that may interest you specifically).

221 Luxury Network: an ideal place to find sports luxury cars

221 Luxury Network features an exceptional selection of cars for sale. The entire history of world-class motoring is represented on the platform. Some very recent acquisitions are represented by an entire collection of very rare vintage Ferrari.

Starting from a Ferrari 330 P3 (1967), a car that won numerous races and earned its place in the history books after a memorable 1-2-3 at Daytona.

1967 Ferrari 330 P4 Exceptionnelle FR

Moving on to Ferrari 250 GTO (1962): Ferrari built between 1962 and 1964 thirty-six 250 GTOs with a 3-liter engine and three with a 4-liter engine. The 39 models are all different from each other because they were built by hand by the panel beaters of Maranello led by Sergio Scaglietti.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

In two years, the Ferrari 250 GTO reached first place in the Gran Turismo class 23 times and is considered by many to be the best Ferrari of all time for performance, dynamics and that timeless elegance given by the total absence of edges.

That is why it has become the car with the highest selling price in the world. The 250 GTO is such a special car that it is desired by all the richest collectors in the world. Among the owners it can boast names such as Nick Mason, Pink Floyd drummer, designer Ralph Lauren and former Microsoft president Jon Shirley.

We cannot fail to mention GTO MKA Red LHD (1962), 330 LMB (1963), SWB 250 (1960) or 857 S (1955).

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO MKA Red LHD
1920 × 1200
Ferrari SWB 250 Refaite Ferrari Competition

On the platform you will find also Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Porsche and much more…

221 Luxury Network is the ideal place to find (and sell) sports luxury cars.

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Luxury Real estate and technology: boosting results together

Technology is helping to change the way property markets operate. For one, it’s helping to make it easier for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other. This has led to a more efficient property market, where deals are done more quickly and at better prices. Additionally, technology is also allowing for more detailed research and analysis of real estate property prospects. As a result, buyers are able to get a better understanding of what properties may be a good fit for them, and sellers are able to find the best deal on properties they want to sell.

How Technology is Helping to Shape the Property Industry

Technology is also playing an important role in shaping the property industry as a whole. For one, it’s giving developers more information about how people use their properties. This helps them to design properties that match the needs of their customers – whether that’s providing ample parking or offering great views. Additionally, technology is helping realtors become smarter about their customers and their needs. They can now connect with potential customers on a deeper level than ever before, which has helped increase customer satisfaction rates among realtors (and made them even more attractive options for investors).

How Technology is Affecting the Property Industry

Technology is having an impact on all aspects of the property industry – from development to marketing to sales and marketing: everything from buying and selling houses to developing new techniques for analyzing data. As the property industry continues to change, it’s important that everyone is aware of the potential impacts and implications of this technology. With that in mind, this article provides an overview of how technology is affecting the real estate industry – and what implications this has for everyone involved.

The Future of Property Markets

The luxury real estate market is growing rapidly, and it’s likely that the trend will continue in the years to come. As more people start to move into cities and towns, they want to buy or rent property. This has led to an increase in the number of properties available for sale, as well as an increasing number of buyers and sellers.

Real estate markets are becoming increasingly flexible, meaning that they can be changed easily according to current trends. This makes it easier for buyers and sellers to find a property they feel comfortable with, without having to worry about making too much fuss or overpaying for something that may not be right for them.

As the real estate market becomes more flexible, it’s also becoming more important for businesses and individuals to have a strong understanding of which markets are most important to them. This way, they can make better decisions by focusing their resources on those areas rather than wasting time trying to find properties that may not be worth their time or money.

221 Luxury Network: technology at its best

221 Luxury Network creates and provides technology that gives their agents a proven competitive edge for service and productivity.

Among the others, here is a list of tech services provided:

  • Diary management & appointment reminders
  • Send & receive unlimited number of video calls
  • Send unlimited secure messages & personalized emails
  • Access to a network of Finance Partners
  • Live traffic reporting on each property
  • Live Traffic reporting on each profile
  • Get instant property valuations
  • Import and manage unlimited number of contacts
  • Lead & deal pipeline management
  • Manage deposit and rent payments
  • Short-term property booking and management system
  • Digital Contract Signature
  • Address & Mobile Phone Number Verifications
  • KYC, AML, PEP & Income Verifications

Moreover, Luxury Network is the world’s first luxury marketplace that offers buyers the ability to pay with crypto while sellers get paid in cash.

221 transforms the tedious process of buying with crypto into an easy, simple process.

Tips for enjoying a safe and powerful investment

When investing in property, it’s important to stay safe. If you don’t have enough experience or if you don’t understand the security features of the securities you are purchasing, your investment could be at risk. To ensure your investment is safe and successful, use the following tips:

Stay up-to-date on current property news: stay informed about what new developments are happening in your area and how they might affect your investments. Use property information websites to find out about upcoming events and deals that could impact your holdings.

Use technology to streamline the process: use computer software or a phone app to help you create and manage your investments more efficiently. For example, using a real estate agent’s email list to receive updates on deals and properties before they go public, or checking online for property prices before making an investment.

Be realistic about potential returns: don’t expect to earn huge profits just by investing in property securities. Instead, focus on enjoying the thrill of the chase and getting as much return as possible while still protecting your investment.

Use Technology to Improve Your Property Investing Experience

Property markets are changing rapidly, and technology is helping to shape this. By staying up-to-date on latest property news, using technology to improve your investment experience, and staying safe when investing in property securities, you can maximize your results.

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Global luxury market to expand: Millennnials and Sustainability the new key trends

The luxury goods market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% between 2022 and 2027 (source: Statista Outlook). This growth is due to the changing preferences of customers in developed and developing countries.

The luxury goods market is classified into four main segments – domestic, international, professional and high-end.

Domestic luxury goods are expected to grow at a faster rate than international luxury goods due to the expanding global economy.

International luxury goods are projected to grow at a slower rate as compared to domestic luxury goods, as demand for domestically produced products increases in developing countries.

Professional and high-end luxury goods are expected to continue increasing in demand due to the ever-growing popularity of these types of items.

The importance of the new markets

This growth will be driven by the increasing demand for high-end products and services, as well as by the development of new markets such as China and Africa.

In terms of product categories, the luxury goods market is expected to grow in all major product segments, with a focus on premium consumables, such as watches, jewels, and cars. In addition, new formats are also expected to emerge in the luxury goods market, such as e-commerce platforms that allow customers to purchase luxury goods without leaving their homes.

New actors in the arena

Luxury market feature new actors, such as Millennials who are inheriting the fortunes of their fathers and will become international players.

As the world becomes increasingly competitive, it’s important to have products that are both unique and trending. That’s where luxury markets come in—they offer a wide variety of products with a strong personality, associated with values as well. So what does this mean for Luxury business? Well, if you have a product that caters to Millennials, you have an advantage over your competitors. And in today’s market, this advantage is even more pronounced because there are so many Millennials who are interested in luxury products. Millennials have assumed numerical importance: they constitute, in fact, a quarter of the world population, approximately 1.7 billion people. In America they reach 70 million, in Germany 14 million and there are more than 11 million in Italy. Another particularly significant study which, recalls the importance in terms of numbers, is the analysis of the penetration of different generations in the top ten countries with the highest GDP globally (Capeci, 2017). In European countries (Germany, France, UK and Italy) Millennials reach an average of 20% of the population, while in other countries, with the exception of Japan, the percentage is even higher, reaching 26% in India.

Sales and marketing trends in luxury

One of the main growth drivers is China, whose market share has doubled in just two years to reach 60 billion euros, or more than 20% of the global market.

While the American continent accounts for 31% of consumption, everything suggests that China will become the epicenter of the luxury market in the years to come. But the expansion of the customer base is not limited to Asia. Another significant change concerns the local geography; so far, luxury brand customers have concentrated in large conurbations, which tends to be less and less true, particularly due to the relocation of many people to smaller cities. Brands are adapting accordingly, opening pop-up stores, but also developing online sales.

This broadening of the consumer base, and particularly its younger nature, is naturally having an impact on luxury brands. Their offer must evolve and move towards products that can be used on more than one occasion, such as casual shoes, sportswear, holiday items, etc. What changes is also the motivation behind the purchase of luxury products. It is not about showing off one’s wealth, but rather about showing one’s personality and benefiting from the brand image. Consumers are much more demanding about the brands they choose and the values they represent. Luxury companies are now realizing they need to be more transparent. Even if their plans are not always mature, they are communicating their commitments and outlining their strategies for sustainability.

Luxury and Sustainability

In the luxury market, the “golden decade” of sustainability has already begun. The pandemic has only accelerated paths in this direction and the target audience of many brands, Generation Z – i.e. consumers who will be most influential in the future – reward brands that have a positive impact on the environment and society. On the contrary, it is evident that they are beginning to distance themselves from those who do not have a position on these issues.

This is what emerges from the report “LuxCo2030: A Vision of Sustainable Luxury”, published by Bain & Company in collaboration with Positive Luxury. The study tries to outline the characteristics that a LuxCo must possess in 2030. Identifying five pillars on which to focus corporate strategies: the redefinition of the purpose of the brand, the decoupling of growth from volumes, the traceability of the supply chain, the maximization of environmental commitments and social and the creation of economic value from sustainability.

Luxury real estate market

In 2021, world wealth increased by two figures. Data from Wealth-X shows that the richest population in the world, the one with a net worth of more than $ 5 million – the so-called ultra-rich – grew by 19.8% to a total of 3,612,730 people. The combined wealth of this segment of the population increased by 20.4% to over $ 75 trillion. Growth rates in the United States in 2021 confirm this trend, with a 24.8% increase in total wealth. 70% of these own two or more real estate properties.

In 2021, sales of luxury single-family homes increased by 14.5% while prices grew by 20.3% compared to 2020. Sales of luxury homes increased even more significantly, by 29.6% on an annual basis, and a 16.6% price increase. Massive wealth creation, combined with a transformation in lifestyles that should last for generations to come, has led to insatiable demand for larger homes, sold out catalogs, and skyrocketing prices.

Luxury real estate with 221 Luxury

221 Luxury  works with top-tier agencies and agents around the world, who have earned their status and reputation in the real estate industry.

Since its launch, some of the most prestigious international real estate brands have already joined, as well as some of the best performing top agents in the world.

Reality makes it easy, fast and affordable for real estate professionals to expand their contacts and build a powerful professional and collaborative network, which can increase sales while empowering them, with the ability to grow their local business and extend their their reach.

At the same time, it allows agents to expand their brand and reputation internationally through a global market platform integrated with tools that offer significant operational efficiencies. 221® therefore believes that a well-established network is able to increase profits, providing industry leaders and professionals with a fully integrated platform and a series of marketing and management tools, designed to promote cooperation, generate leads and increase The sales.

Premier agencies and top agents can extend their reach, enhance their brand and global recognition, while maintaining their autonomy. 221® provides real estate professionals, individuals and investors with a unique platform to buy, sell, rent and manage properties within a global market and a private network.

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“Developing a luxury attitude” training course is coming

221 Luxury Network and Training Luxury are proud to propose the well-known “Developing a luxury attitude” training course.

“TRAINING LUXURY” is an international company with a group of specialists in leadership and luxury training, recruiting and coaching with a focus in luxury, fashion and consumer goods. “Training Luxury” aims at preparing people to excel in person-to-person business relationships and to improve team cooperation.

The program will be developed in 6 different online workshops, from September 29th to December 9th:


A very special program

Training Luxury has been present in the luxury business for 25 years, with more than 17.000 professionals trained in over 40 countries, featuring an unsurpassed portfolio working with companies like Dolce & Gabbana, Zegna, Valentino, Macallan, Canali, Monnalisa, etc…

The programs are practical and yet, they have a solid research background from Neuroscience to neuro-marketing, from participative management to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Topics and activities are designed to fit each situation and need. This allows people to practice real-life situations, in a safe and “protected” environment. That is why every single course is created custom made, with no static, “ready made” product.

Training Luxury facilitates the learning process by using inductive techniques, encouraging participants to discover their own solutions. Then, this is taken a step further where participants learn from each other by sharing their experiences.

Huge benefits for the participants

The course will focus on positive outcome, so that the participants can compare their improvement for themselves by top level specialized trainers.

What are the benefits for the participants?

  • Immediate applicability of the learning in the workplace
  • Measurable increase of sales turnover, people engagement and talent retention
  • Innovative content and background investigations with practical implementation in the training
  • Creation of total training “package” from the research, to the “tailor-made” program to follow, measurement and gap closing
  • Training to be delivered in most of the major languages

Exclusive contents

Let’s see the main contents of each module.

Discovering the luxury universe:

  • Discovering how luxury has evolved and what are the differences today with the traditional concepts of luxury. How luxury concept has changed for different generations and how luxury means different things to different countries.
  • Identify the benefits of luxury for different types of consumers. Not every consumer buys luxury for the same goal. Personalizing the service based on the client expected emotional or rational needs is one of the key goals of selling luxury.
  • Identify the key ingredients of luxury values and what can be defined as ‘pure luxury’

Understanding the luxury consumer:

  • Why people buy luxury products or service? Luxury products and services attract customers beyond the functional element. If the price is so high, why people buy them?
  • Identify the nature and drivers of luxury consumers. Not all the luxury customers are the same. They have different behaviours, drivers and objectives. They all move in the same areas, but with different goals. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn how to properly engaging them to have a productive interaction.

Elevating the luxury experience:

  • We often hear the word ‘experience’. However, what does it really mean to have a ‘luxury experience’. We’ll find out what are the key ingredients and the different dimensions to explore when defining a luxury experience.
  • Even if the selling process in luxury might sound similar to other sectors, the details that define the approach are extremely different. The emotional aspect of luxury has often a predominant role and we’ll explore how to make it tangible in real life situations. We’ll help the participants to identify the different steps in a client journey and what the expectations and mindset of who sells and who buys luxury could be completely different.

Closing the deal:

  • Generating positive and luxury experiences depends upon how able are we to stimulate the dream. Luxury is all about the emotional experience and evocative language and storytelling play a key role in seducing the customer and elevating the aesthetic element of the experience.
  • In this module we’ll turn features into benefits for the client underlining the value proposition.

Segmenting your luxury portfolio:

  • What is networking? Is networking all about serendipity or we can do something proactively to use it in a more strategic way?
  • The mindset of a powerful networker and the key elements of strategic networking

Emotional intelligence in luxury:

  • What is emotional intelligence and why is it so crucial to use it properly in the luxury environment to go above and beyond the customer’s expectations? The pillars of emotional intelligence and the role of empathy in professional interactions. Understand the importance of stepping into the customer’s environment perceiving the events from their point of view to generate a positive influence.
  • We’ll identify the benefits of effective communication to generate positive emotions and of your emotional appearance – the words you say and actions you take. Body Language, vocal tones, and personal habits can enhance or detract from your overall professional presence.

Increase your sales turnover, people engagement and talent retention in the luxury world: STEP TO THIS PAGE AND BOOK YOUR COURSE, place are limited!

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Cryptocurrencies affecting the future of the real estate

How Cryptocurrencies are affecting the future of the real estate

How Cryptocurrencies are affecting the future of the real estate

Cryptocurrencies are affecting the future of the real estate market. And, it’s not just a matter of people moving around in new financial vehicles. It’s also about how these vehicles will be used in the future. How will cryptocurrencies be used? What will happen to real estate? Find out in this article.

Cryptocurrencies are changing the way the market is structured

Cryptocurrencies are changing the way the market is structured by allowing for direct transactions without the need for a bank. This allows for faster and more efficient transactions, which in turn can lead to increased prices and more efficiency in the market. As cryptocurrency prices continue to rise, real estate will also likely become more affordable as investors start to invest in both industries.

The Impact of Cryptocurrencies on the Industry

Cryptocurrencies and real estate are two of the most important industries in the world. They both have a lot of potential for disruption and growth, but there are some things that need to be paid attention to before anything really happens. One of the biggest things that cryptocurrencies and real estate have in common is that they both involve transactions between people who want to buy or sell something. Cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase goods and services with cryptocurrency, or they can be used to create an online ledger of past transactions called a blockchain. The blockchain is a digital ledger that contains all the transactions ever made in a particular subject area of market research or commerce. It’s also been used to secure the integrity of digital files and prevent fraudsters from stealing information from other people. The blockchain technology can also be used to authenticate property records and ensure their accuracy. In addition, many real estate companies are using blockchain technology to streamline the process of buying and selling properties.

The Future of Cryptocurrencies and Real Estate

Cryptocurrencies and real estate are two industries that are quickly affecting each other. Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual tokens that use cryptography to secure their transactions and to control the creation of new units. They have been used to invest in cryptocurrency platforms and to buy and sell goods and services in digital markets. The future of cryptocurrencies and real estate will depend on a number of factors, including how well they work as vehicles for investment and how well they can be accepted by the wider community. The success of cryptocurrencies will likely determine whether they become a long-term solution for investors looking for short-term gains rather than an everyday currency used for shopping or day-to-day transactions. On the other hand, the rise of real estate companies that can use cryptocurrencies to buy and sell properties will also play a role in determining which industry will dominate in the years to come.

221 Luxury and the crypto world

221 Luxury Network is the World’s First Luxury Platform that offers Buyers the Ability to Pay with Crypto while Sellers to Get Paid in Cash (Fiat Currencies). 221 transforms the boring process of buying with crypto into an easy and very simple process. Simply start searching, find the luxury property you want to buy and 221 Luxury will take care of the rest.

Advantages of crypto usage within real estate market

  • Disintermediation and decentralization: probably among the most obvious advantages in using the blockchain and the crypto; in the Real Estate sector, they make transactions related to the purchase and sale between buyer and seller possible automatically without necessarily involving intermediaries. How?
  • Thanks to the logic of smart contracts that act as a “Notary” during the real estate purchase and sale procedures. In this way, the time and costs of confirming and approving the contractual clauses are drastically reduced, leading to a “win-win” situation for both buyers and sellers.
  • Another convenient aspect is the safe and transparent management of information, especially evident when more sellers and buyers are involved; often, in the real estate investment ecosystem, multiple players participate in property management.
  • Thanks to the use of smart contracts, all the parties involved have continuous access to the blockchain platform and the related contracts according to the agreed conditions, in a completely transparent and above all non-modifiable manner, thus avoiding the risk of data tampering attempts. We remind you that, thanks to this new technology, it is possible to manage and track data transactions (financial and otherwise) in a transparent, certified and above all non-alterable way.
  • The blockchain also reduces the risks and uncertainties related to trust between the parties, thanks, once again, to the use of smart contracts. As seen, only in the event that the terms and conditions are met, the agreement can be guaranteed, allowing different entities to work together without necessarily having to trust each other or to have a central authority that governs the transactions. Even the risks associated with the purchase of houses under construction (“Off Plan”) would be significantly reduced as all the steps and related procedures would be traced, in a transparent and non-alterable manner, in the blockchain so as to always be available to all actors involved in the network (real estate agents, buyers, sellers, financial institutions and so on).
  • Last factor, but certainly not least, is the simplicity of integrating the blockchain with other technologies including IoT and AR. This allows users to raise the level of customer experience through, for example, traceability solutions of the state of the property with historical annex on extraordinary and non-extraordinary maintenance, changes of ownership, monitoring of consumption associated with the home, sustainable smart charging solutions, virtual tour in AR of the property and much more; all solutions that simplify, speed up and at the same time enhance the property search procedures.
  • In short, a virtuous circle, which leads to an efficient and desirable situation for all parties involved in the Real Estate market.


Cryptocurrencies are changing the way the market is structured and will have a significant impact on the real estate industry in the near future. By understanding the different aspects of cryptocurrencies, you can better understand their impact on the industry and what steps need to be taken to ensure success.
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Seafront luxury villa in Castiglioncello, Tuscany - Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Forte dei Marmi

Luxury seaside destinations: from Versilia to the French Riviera

There is no crisis or pandemic that hinder the housing market above a million euros. In fact, in this post-pandemic scenario the luxury real estate market has been marking a recovery confirming Italy as one of the most sought-after luxury destinations with buyers coming especially from the US and northern Europe. A trend that has been consolidating in the last quarter, with a figure that is almost triple compared to 2020.

The big city – tourist destination combo arouses great interest among buyers from UK, Mexico, US, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden. Together with Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Naples, the most popular seaside locations are Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Capri and Taormina. Nevertheless, the most sought-after are in Tuscany and Liguria.


Forte dei Marmi

At the top of the list of seaside resorts with the most expensive houses, we find the name of Forte dei Marmi, where Viale Italico in the prestigious “Roma Imperiale” occupies the fourth position in the ranking of the most expensive streets in Italy with an average of 2,880,000 euros.

Via Gabriele D’Annunzio, a few meters from the beach, also offers villas for those who demand exclusivity, comfort, privacy and security. The prestigious Villa “Orchidea”, with a surface of 570 square meters, is a true oasis of peace and tranquility. Immersed in a luxuriant garden of about 2,800 square meters, the property is equipped with a mosaic swimming pool embellished with hydromassage. The interiors are characterized by a majestic marble fireplace, bathrooms in precious onyx and design finishes. The master bedroom on the first floor offers a panoramic view of the Apuan Alps, while the basement area, accessible via the staircase or the elevator, features an aquarium, a modern design bar with wine cellars and a home theater.



Foreign investors from all over the world keep increasing in Liguria as well. They are mostly English, Swiss, French, Austrians and Germans, attracted by a pearl of rare beauty such as Portofino: made famous by the marina with its houses overlooking the sea and by the promontory of incomparable splendor.

Framed by the characteristic promontory of Portofino, this 17th century estate, originally built as a farm for the production of oils and wines, offers a very bright apartment on two living floors, decorated with typical finishes of the time. The property includes a cellar, a 4000 square meters olive grove and a series of sea views that make this property simply unique.



As for the French Riviera, the luxury real estate market remains predominant domestic market. In 2020, 1.3% of second homes were bought by people not resident in France: a figure that is decreasing if compared to 1.7% of 2010. This trend appears to continue in the same direction throughout 2022.

Price growth has been largely static on the entire Côte d’Azur in the last two years. The real estate market in this area turned out to be mainly domestic, due to the pandemic, Brexit and the war between Russia and Ukraine. In fact, most of the buyers are French and Monegasque looking for second larger homes with a contemporary design. In 2020, only 1.3% of second homes were bought by people not resident in France: a figure that is decreasing if compared to 1.7% of 2010 and appears to go in the same direction throughout 2022. This the trend is recorded not only in Saint-Tropez and its surrounding areas, but in Super Cannes and Cannes La Californie as well.

Just 5 minutes from La Croisette and the center of Cannes, this historic luxury property is a rare gem on the French Riviera, to say the least. The three-year renovation work has restored it to its former glory, while responding to the needs and expectations of a modern lifestyle: a discotheque, a cinema and a heated swimming pool are only some of the incredible amenities. Among the other hallmarks, we can find 52 Carrara marble columns creating an oval portico where a lush Wisteria intertwines. The whole, made even more special by the panoramic view of the adjacent Super Cannes hills and the sea below.


Other venues

However, it must be said that foreigners are not only fascinated by hills overlooking the sea, ancient towers and historic estates: Courmayeur, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore are confirmed as the most coveted destinations for celebs and HNWI.

In any case, those intending to buy a prestigious home in Italy generally search for the well-known “Italian taste” as a guarantee of fine quality, authenticity and a sense of style internationally praised.

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Writing job advertisements

Writing a job advertisement is not an easy task and we all tend to add too many things and make it overcomplicated. So you will find below a few tips that we hope will assist you in your next job search.
  • Focus on job tasks: To avoid stereotypes, do not refer to the type of person you are seeking but to the job tasks. Do not include tasks or abilities that are not required for job performance.
  • Keep selection criteria to a minimum: Research indicates that advertisements with more than five selection criteria deter applicants, particularly females. Women tend to apply only when they think they meet 100% of the requirements, whereas men apply when they meet 60%.
  • Reduce focus on formal qualifications: While qualifications simplify the screening process, they do not predict job performance. Define the skills, experiences, and mindsets necessary to succeed rather than make assumptions based on qualifications. If you would prefer candidates to have knowledge of a certain skill, consider listing it as “desirable” rather than “essential”. When technical expertise is required, use ‘equivalent qualifications’ for professional designations.
  • Use gender-neutral language: Don’t use gendered pronouns, be aware of terms that correlate with gender stereotypes, and avoid sports terminology. Conduct an audit of your job ads to identify gendered language that might discourage applications from women.
  • Avoid requesting ‘years of experience’ BUT rather use ‘proven experience’ or levels of skill or knowledge. A requirement for continuous experience could indirectly discriminate against candidates who have taken time out from work for various personal reasons.
  • Eliminate non-comprehensible language: Ensure job ads can be understood by a wide audience, including candidates from outside the industry.
  • If necessary, describe physical requirements: Allow people with disabilities to consider whether a role is suitable for them. Don’t use terms like “physically” fit or “energetic”.
  • Include diversity as a job criterion: Where relevant, include diversity as job criteria — for example, language skills for customer-facing roles.
  • Promote career development: Be explicit regarding formal career planning and development opportunities in job ads. High-performing diverse talent wants to know they will be supported, and there are opportunities to progress.
  • Offer flexibility in assessment schedules and location: Include potential assessment dates and offer flexibility in assessment timing and location. Allow candidates sufficient time to apply.
  • Advertise flexible working arrangements: Highlight flexible working arrangements and other inclusive policies such as parental, carer, or religious leave.
  • Ensure accessibility: Ensure your website is accessible to persons with a disability. Highlight accessibility policies and offer reasonable adjustments for people with a disability. Provide contact details for applicants if they require information in an alternative format or other support.
  • Include a diversity statement: Highlight that you welcome applications from diverse candidates in your job ads.
Did you know that you can now advertise your job positions for free inside 221. Register to find out.
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