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Writing job advertisements

Writing a job advertisement is not an easy task and we all tend to add too many things and make it overcomplicated.

Madonna drops $19.3 million

She’s back! After a dozen years hopping around between New York City, the Hamptons, and Lisbon, Portugal, Madonna has…

Real Estate Europe 2021

Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe is a joint survey by PwC and the Urban Land Institute. Now in its 18th edition, the report explores….

Real Estate Job Types

Main job and career types in the Real estate industry – Real Estate Agent (Realtor), Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Property Manager….

Real Estate in Italia

ITALY’S Most Culturally-Rich region with exceptional marine and costal facilities share its borders with Lazio, Umbria, Marche , Emilia Romagna…

Real estate in Malta

Malta real estate represent an exceptional opportunity to invest in the largest of an archipelago. This is an attractive investment choice….

Lease Creation

Some of the terms you may want to consider including in your lease agreement.

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