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Top Voices in Luxury Real Estate @ Chrysol Value Real Estate, Barcelona, Spain

Chrysol Value was founded in 2016 after a long experience in Real Estate. Chrysol Value Real Estate, was created as an analogy to this idea to respond to the needs in the different areas of the real estate sector in order to maximize the value of the assets.

Top Voices in Luxury Real Estate @ Paolo Del Chicca Immobiliare, Tuscany, Italy

Paolo Del Chicca Immobiliare was founded by my father in 1956, has always stood out for dealing above all with medium/high-level properties in the city area. I lived several years in Brazil between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Monaco Yacht Show 2022: luxury facing the sea

Every year, at the end of September, the Hercule Port becomes the main venue of the spectacular boat show - Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). From 28 September to 1 October 2022, the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) will once again welcome...

Luxury sport car market is evolving into direct-to-consumer: the 221 Luxury case

Influenced by their exposure to luxury-goods experiences in other retail environments, affluent consumers today seek special engagement and personalized experiences when shopping for luxury cars (McKinsey, Five trends shaping tomorrow’s luxury-car market, 2021). Newer luxury Brands have identified customer experience...

Luxury Real estate and technology: boosting results together

Technology is helping to change the way property markets operate. For one, it’s helping to make it easier for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other. This has led to a more efficient property market, where deals are done...

Global luxury market to expand: Millennnials and Sustainability the new key trends

The luxury goods market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% between 2022 and 2027 (source: Statista Outlook). This growth is due to the changing preferences of customers in developed and developing countries. The luxury goods market is...

“Developing a luxury attitude” training course is coming

221 Luxury Network and Training Luxury are proud to propose the well-known "Developing a luxury attitude” training course. “TRAINING LUXURY” is an international company with a group of specialists in leadership and luxury training, recruiting and coaching with a focus...

How Cryptocurrencies are affecting the future of the real estate

How Cryptocurrencies are affecting the future of the real estate Cryptocurrencies are affecting the future of the real estate market. And, it’s not just a matter of people moving around in new financial vehicles. It’s also about how these vehicles…

Luxury seaside destinations: from Versilia to the French Riviera

There is no crisis or pandemic that hinder the housing market above a million euros. In fact, in this post-pandemic scenario the luxury real estate market has been marking a recovery confirming Italy as one of the most sought-after luxury destinations…

Writing job advertisements

Writing a job advertisement is not an easy task and we all tend to add too many things and make it overcomplicated.

Madonna drops $19.3 million

She’s back! After a dozen years hopping around between New York City, the Hamptons, and Lisbon, Portugal, Madonna has…

Real Estate Europe 2021

Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe is a joint survey by PwC and the Urban Land Institute. Now in its 18th edition, the report explores….

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